5:30am- Jeff Bolton is sitting in for Chris and opens the show by talking about a homeowner in Ohio who was forced to remove a zombie nativity scene that he had arranged in his front yard. Jeff is religious but couldn’t stop laughing when he saw it. Jeff also thinks it’s the homeowners right to display the unique nativity scene.

6:35am- Protests over excessive police force continued in New York City last night. Jeff doesn’t like that demonstrations are still occurring even after two NYC officers were killed over the weekend. He’s sick of the protesters and thinks they are becoming a nuisance to the people in the surrounding communities.

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6:45am- CB3 meteorologist Katie Fehlinger joins the show to weigh in on the zombie nativity scene and tells us to expect rainy weather on Christmas.

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7:30am- The Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board has ruled that restaurants are now allowed to deliver beer when ordering food. Jeff loves the idea and can’t wait to give it a try.

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8:00am- Jeff is joined by Dutch Mandel of Auto Week Media. The two discuss all things cars including the ultimate dream cars for 2015.