By Larry Kane
Produced by Timothy McLaughlin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — For eleven-year-old Zymir, it’s all about three things:  “Fashion, singing, and dancing.”

And he has some rules for staying stylish.

“Number one — a tip — do not wear sweatpants with Jordans with a baggy shirt.”

Number two:  “Always try to wear some black.”

And finally:  “Be creative.”

(Zymir.  Photo by Tim McLaughlin)

(Zymir. Photo by Tim McLaughlin)

Ever since he was in a school play, he wants to be an actor when he grows up.  And he knows his dream role:

“The person that always saves the day. Basically like a superhero.”

Zymir is looking for a forever family that would maintain his relationship with his two siblings.


For more information about adopting Zymir or any other “Wednesday’s Child,” go to the National Adoption Center’s web site,, or call 215-735-9988.

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