By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – What can you do about your noisy neighbor? Try chilling out.

Is there nothing that can be done to stop the plague that is infesting neighborhoods across the country known as middle school band members? Three months after sheriff’s deputies arrested a 60-year-old Colorado woman for pulling a shotgun on her neighbor’s 11-year-old son who was practicing his clarinet in their adjoining yards, a New Jersey woman went to court to prevent her neighbor’s son from practicing his drums in the garage.

While one applauds the New Jersey woman for seeking legal recourse, the judge in her case also found that the kid had a right to practice, which he did between the hours of 4 pm to 7 pm.

So what can you do about a noisy neighbor? If you live in an apartment, check your lease and require your landlord uphold the rules for all tenants. Condo associations can force condo owners to comply with their bylaws.

For private homes, you can call the township if you believe the noise violates the local noise ordinance which you can research on the township’s website. But here’s the thing – while no one wants to hear a kid practicing his clarinet, be reasonable. If the kid is practicing during the day, just take a Starbucks break and take the long view: once parents have invested in the instrument, it’s only a matter of time before the kid loses interest anyway.