By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The puppies are only four-months-old, but they haven’t had an easy life.

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Last month, the three were removed from a warehouse filled with booby-traps on the 1800 block of W. Sedgley Avenue in North Philadelphia.

They were taken away by animal control during an eviction order.

“Poor little puppies that were in really bad shape, and they were very urgent, and they needed a rescue to step up or they would be euthanized,” said Kim Mangione. She is the founder of New Life Animal Rescue and brought the dogs to the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital.

Dr. Marcy Rose, of the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital, treated the puppies and said, “It’s sad that they had to live in those conditions. It’s not their fault.”

The puppies had an upper respiratory infection and a severe — and very contagious — case of sarcoptic mange.

Dr. Robert Mankowski of the Mount Laurel Animal Hospital also treated the three. “They had so many scabs they were tearing themselves apart.”

They were underweight, uncomfortable in their own skin and full of fear.

“They were so frightened and really didn’t want to have any human contact, but now they are just like so animated,” Dr. Rose explained.

The animals were kept in an isolation room for a month.

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The three — named Lionel, Walter and Norman — are now expected to make a full recovery.

Dr. Robert Mankowski added, “They still have a lot of hair loss, but their hair is coming in, and these guys, in a few months, you won’t even know they had this condition.”

Mangione said, “They’ve improved 100 percent.”

The three dogs will be in foster care by the end of this week and then they will be up for adoption.

They’ve received about $4,000 worth of hospital care.

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