By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Is it time to talk Super Bowl in Philadelphia?

The Eagles host the Seahawks on Sunday in the most meaningful home regular season game of recent memory. A win solidifies the Eagles as Super Bowl contenders, as will give them a legitimate chance at a first-round bye.

According to Bovada LV, the Eagles have the fifth shortest odds to win the Super Bowl and the third shortest to win the NFC.


                                               Current Odds  

Green Bay Packers                     7/2

New England Patriots               15/4

Denver Broncos                          17/4

Seattle Seahawks                        13/2

Philadelphia Eagles             12/1

Indianapolis Colts                     18/1

Detroit Lions                               25/1

Arizona Cardinals                      28/1

Cincinnati Bengals                     28/1

Dallas Cowboys                           28/1

New Orleans Saints                   28/1

San Diego Chargers                   28/1

San Francisco 49ers                  28/1

Baltimore Ravens                      50/1

Kansas City Chiefs                    50/1

Miami Dolphins                         50/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                    50/1

Atlanta Falcons                           66/1

Cleveland Browns                      100/1

Buffalo Bills                                200/1

Houston Texans                         200/1

Carolina Panthers                      500/1

Chicago Bears                             500/1

St. Louis Rams                           500/1

Jacksonville Jaguars                 Off the Board

Minnesota Vikings                     Off the Board

New York Giants                       Off the Board

New York Jets                           Off the Board

Oakland Raiders                        Off the Board

Tampa Bay Buccaneers             Off the Board

Tennessee Titans                       Off the Board

Washington Redskins                Off the Board


Early Super Bowl Line

AFC      Pick

NFC      Pick


Conference Odds

Odds to win the 2015 AFC Conference 

New England Patriots                9/5

Denver Broncos                        2/1

Indianapolis Colts                      8/1

San Diego Chargers                  10/1

Cincinnati Bengals                     12/1

Kansas City Chiefs                    20/1

Baltimore Ravens                      22/1

Miami Dolphins                         22/1

Pittsburgh Steelers                    25/1

Cleveland Browns                      40/1

Buffalo Bills                              75/1

Houston Texans                        75/1


Odds to win the 2015 NFC Conference 

Green Bay Packers                    3/2

Seattle Seahawks                      13/4

Philadelphia Eagles                   6/1

Detroit Lions                             10/1

Arizona Cardinals                      12/1

New Orleans Saints                   12/1

Dallas Cowboys                        14/1

San Francisco 49ers                  14/1

Atlanta Falcons                         33/1

Carolina Panthers                      200/1

Chicago Bears                          200/1

St. Louis Rams                         200/1


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