By Amy Feldman

By Amy E. Feldman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Thinking a new car would make a great holiday gift? Don’t pay more for extras that aren’t extra.

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You’ve probably seen enough car commercials showing those people who get new cars for Christmas to begin to think: that’s a thing? That people do? But before you go and either find yourself a new car or a person who buys one for you, there are some things to know about all those “extras” that the car dealerships try to convince you to pay more for in order to “upgrade the package” this time of year.

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Like the dual airbags. Starting in 1998, all new cars were required by law to have dual air bags so don’t pay more for them – they can’t sell you a new car without them.

Starting last year, manufacturers are required by law to begin phasing in larger side curtain airbags. Oh, that cool tire pressure monitoring system that’s gonna cost you more? Yeah, required by law. Ditto for the Electronic Stability Control. Don’t pay extra for those features. A new car has to have them.

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The big bow on top, though? That’s gonna cost you more. But remember that when you’re receiving a gift, it’s not the size of the bow that matters. It’s the whole package.