By Tony Hanson, Walt Hunter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — It had been a remarkable story of a hero guide dog, calling 911 to save her blind owner during a home invasion.

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But now charges against a neighbor have been dismissed, and the defense says the whole thing was fabricated by the alleged victim.

That alleged victim, Maria Colon, testified at an earlier hearing that she recognized the voice of a neighbor, 19-year-old Tomayo McDuffy, during a break-in at her home.

But the Philadelphia district attorney’s office now acknowledges that later evidence surfaced from numerous sources raising questions about the woman’s story — including whether she is actually blind.

Defense attorney Bill Davis says Colon may have some problems and, he adds, that’s sad.  But, he points out, this was a nightmare for the young man.

“Tomayo McDuffy innocent of this crime or any crime,” Davis said today.  “He is a young man with his whole life in front of him who has never done anything against the law.  This crime never happened.”

McDuffy, who spend seven months in prison before he was freed on bail, says he now feels vindicated.

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“My family is great, we still have got our head up, like the same day I went in.  We’re all good,” he told KYW Newsradio this morning.

 (Hanson:)  “What is your plan?  Where does your life go?”

(McDuffy:)  “Finish school, raise my son, do what I have to do.”

And he says he doesn’t plan any legal action.

McDuffy’s mother told CBS 3’s Walt Hunter, “It has been very hard and stressful, but we fought for justice and that is what God is giving us today.”

Davis says he doesn’t believe the crime ever happened. The legally blind woman was not available for comment and the District Attorney’s press release did not indicate if, with charges dropped against McDuffy, police are seeking any other suspects.

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