By Lynne Adkins

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Doctors may “watch ” prostate cancer tumors, but keeping an eye on the tumors involves invasive needle biopsies.

Now, doctors at Fox Chance Cancer Center as well as Temple University Hospital are combining the MRI and Ultrasound technology to get a better picture during those biopsies.

Dr. Alexander Kutikov, an associate professor of urologic oncology says, “We better understand how prostate cancer appears on an MRI and how to separate it from other lesions in the prostate, and so with a high degree of accuracy we are able to differentiate between a cancerous lesion versus a non-cancerous lesion. The prostate has a number of growths that happen over the years, benign growths.”

Dr. Alexander Kutikov (credit: Fox Chase Cancer Center)

Dr. Alexander Kutikov
(credit: Fox Chase Cancer Center)

He says the ultrasound gives a better look at the prostate, while the MRI offers a clearer picture of the tumors.

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