By R.J. McKay

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Joan Myers-Brown, the founder and artistic director of Philadanco, spoke to KYW Newsradio about “Risky Business” coming to the Perelman Theater on Friday, Dec. 12th through Sunday, Dec. 14th.

“’Risky Business’ is a title I came up with, because a lot of ballet’s that – we do have a lot of high-risk movements for the dancers,” Myers-Brown said. “And people kept asking for certain ballets over and over again, and it was always the ones that the dancers were doing things that you wouldn’t think they should be doing.”

So, what can a person expect at a Philadanco show? Is there a story or is it the incredible moves performed to music?

“It’s about all of that, and it’s about entertaining our audiences and making them feel good. That’s what Philadanco does,” Myers-Brown said.

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