By Kim Glovas


By Kim Glovas

MEDIA, Pa. (CBS) — Five adults are under arrest in Delaware County after an investigation showed they allegedly abused five children, both physically and sexually, over the course of a few months.

Delaware County district attorney Jack Whelan says the investigation revealed that two women and three men performed sex acts in front of the children, and shot at them with BB guns as discipline.

Whelan says there were three incidents which led to the charge.

“Two of the adult defendants (were) having sexual acts in front of the  children in front of a TV.  While these children are supposed to be watching movies, they would perform sex on each other, right in front of the children.”

The DA says that in another incident, the three men held down one of the women and had her perform a sex act on a two-year-old boy.

“While he was in the process of having his diaper being changed, they grabbed the child, the child is naked, and they forced the child on top of the female, and forced his private part into the face of the female,” Whelan said.

And Whelan says the third incident occurred when the adults shot the kids, ages one through ten, with BBs as discipline. He says they also body-slammed the children, kicked, and beat them.

The women are charged with endangering  the welfare of children and corruption of the morals of a minor.  The men are charged with those crimes and also involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault, and indecent assault involving a child under the age of 13.

Four of the defendants were in Delaware County Prison.  One was released on bail.