By Syma Chowdhry

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We’ve all seen this video of Carlesha Gaither’s abduction.

She told police she intentionally dropped her phone in hopes that someone will find it and know she was taken.

“She was struggling with her attacker from the moment that he grabbed her until she was forced into the vehicle.”

Alex Gladstone co-founded the company Stiletto with his brother Daniel.

The two brothers are from Florida and created a product that could’ve helped find Gaither the moment she was abducted.

“We know way too many people who have actually been attacked.  It’s unfortunate that those people have been family and have been close friends,” said Daniel.

You wear the charm on a necklace or bracelet.

In an event of an emergency, click the charm and it will contact 911 for you.

Once you receive the charm, download an app on your cell phone and it will ask for a photo and your information.

If you are in a situation and need assistance immediately, click the charm and emergency responders will know who you are and your location.

The charm also makes it possible for 911 operators to hear what is going on.

Daniel explained, “That actually records evidence both on our servers and directly to 911.”

If Gaither had the security charm on, it could’ve helped track her down faster.

911 would’ve been sent her profile, including her name and emergency contacts  and more importantly her exact location.

And with the microphone on, Gaither could’ve screamed she was being kidnapped.

“Begin to send help, canvass the neighborhood, start the investigation, rather than relying on a witness or a bystander some minutes later,” Alex said.

For those who are worried about wearing tracking devices,”It is not possible to track you using our device.  It does not share your location unless your trigger it.”

The charm comes in a variety of colors and styles, starting at $180.

Alex added, “Some of the gemstones are real and some are lab grown. And we do use Swarovski crystals.”

The company is taking pre-sale orders and the charms will be shipped out by March.

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