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PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The Grim Reaper returns!  After single-handedly swinging the Seattle game in favor of the Cowboys two weeks ago, my pick of death has made amends by cursing Dem ’Boys on Monday night against American superhero Colt McCoy.  I couldn’t possibly take full responsibility for this one.  All I did was kill Dallas.  McCoy resurrected himself all on his own.  He dug up his football bones and ascended into the starry, Texas night.  Thank you, Colt.  From all of Philadelphia, thank you.

Flag on the play.

My bad, I forgot to mention this edition of Suicide Watch is brought to you by referee Walt Anderson and the rest of the crew from Sunday’s Eagles-Cardinals game.  So expect some unnecessary flags to come in and totally destroy the flow and pace of this column.  Flag.

See what I mean?

Another thousand gone from the pool this week has turned into business as usual.  McCoy didn’t just beat the Cowboys; he buried 974 people who were rooting for Dallas to win that game.  I can safely assume, since this is a Philadelphia-based contest, that a large part of that number is comprised of Eagles fans trying to sneak by on a Cowboys victory.  Wait, there’s a flag on the play.  And I can hear those fans today saying, “I would gladly give up my spot in the Suicide Pool if it meant the Cowboys would lose.”  Well you did and they did.  It’s too bad you’re fate was written when you aligned your pick with head coach Jerry Jones and Tony Romo’s back.

Elsewhere, losses by the Packers, Colts and Ravens pushed the weekly death toll to 1,078, which leaves less than 1,600 alive.  We just now hit the halfway point of the season.  The most interesting wrinkle to the pool is if we can make it to week 16 and still have people left.  If not, I would like to declare myself the winner.  Thank you and good night.  Let’s check the flag on the play.

With six teams on the bye, the choices might seem limited, but there are four games with spreads greater than a touchdown and three are into the double-digits.  As long as you have one of the four still in play, you should be good to go.

And there’s a flag on the play


Grim Reaper Selection – 49ers vs. Rams

This game has all the makings of an upset like the one we saw Monday night, a big home favorite in a divisional matchup.  The difference being that the Niners aren’t rolling like Dallas was heading into the Washington game, and these two teams have already played in St. Louis.

San Fran had last week off to recover from the scorn of Peyton Manning.  On Monday night two weeks ago it looked like the Rams were going to steal a win, jumping in front 14-0, but then the 49ers scored 31 of the next 34 points and that was that.

I hope Rams fans really savored that win over the Seahawks because the upcoming stretch is brutal.  After San Fran, they are at Arizona, home against Denver and at San Diego.  Enjoy!

This is Grim calling on Austin Davis.  Let’s knock another thousand out of the pool, me and you, Aussie.


Best Bet for Survival – Seahawks vs. Raiders

You held back on using Seattle for this very moment.  You avoided two pool-shattering losses and now is the time.  Nice job.  Get ready for next week.


Cheating Death – Jets at Chiefs

Mike Vick.  It’s a trap.  Mike Vick.  Mike Vick.  It’s a trap.  Mike Vick.  It’s a trap.  Mike Vick!  Come on, Mike Vick!  Mike Vick!!!!

Hold on, there’s a flag on the play.


Justin Boylan is a producer at 94WIP. Follow him on Twitter @justintboylan.


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