By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A 42-year-old Collegeville man has admitted to sexually abusing and exploiting five boys ranging in age from 12 to 17.

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Defendant Matthew Krapf today admitted to having sex with four of the five victims, and having contact via computer with the fifth.

Federal prosecutor Michelle Rotella says Krapf was caught in a sting after the parents of one victim notified authorities.

US District Court judge Juan Sanchez questioned Krapf about the boy identified as “Minor # 1.”

(Judge Sanchez:)  “You met with the victim in an online chat room in 2005, when the victim was 14 years old?”

(Krapf:)  “Yes, your honor.”

(Sanchez:)  “The victim was confined to a wheelchair — pretty distinctive, right, since birth?  You remember this kid, right?”

(Krapf:)  “I was unaware of that till we met in person.”

(Sanchez:)  “All right.  But you met him?”

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(Krapf:)  “I did.”

(Sanchez:)  “And he was in a wheelchair?”

(Krapf:)  “Yes he was.”

Krapf admitted they had sex in a mall bathroom.

In other cases, Krapf acknowledged having sex with the boys at their homes while their parents were out at work.

And he conceded he had an astounding number of pornographic images of these boys and others — more than two million images — on his various phone and computer devices.

Krapf is in custody and will be sentenced in January.  He could face between 30 years and life in prison.


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