By Phran Novelli

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – While a lot of dogwood trees were hit hard by last winter’s ice and snow storms, they managed to flower and fruit surprisingly well.

Our native dogwoods’ leaves are currently a beautiful burgundy. Mine started changing around Labor Day and I thought they might drop their leaves right away. But I’m happy to say, they’ve been hanging on and decorating the yard for two months now!

The other day there was a flurry of activity in one of my dogwoods as my doggie and I walked by. A flock of birds came from under the leaves with their beaks full of red berries while a squirrel dangled precariously trying to grasp a bunch at the end of a branch.

These bright red berries are just part of what make our native dogwood, Cornus florida, so attractive to have in your yard – not only to you, but also to all kinds of cute critters too.

Plant a native dogwood and, along with spring flowers, summer shade, fall foliage, and bright berries that last into winter, you’ll enjoy all the colorful birds, butterflies, and other wildlife it attracts too.