By Ray Boyd

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Frustration is undoubtedly the word of the day for the Eagles. That sentiment is shared by the General Manager, Howie Roseman, who knows there is a little the Eagles can do aside from moving on.

Roseman summed up his feelings on Monday during The Howie Roseman Show on 94 WIP.

“You get punched in your face and then you got to get back up,” Roseman said as he recovers from his team’s 24-20 loss to the Cardinals on Sunday. “We’re going to get back and focus on Houston. That’s where we got to be right now.”

LISTEN: Howie Roseman talks about the Eagles loss to the Cardinals

The reason the outcome appears to be so frustrating was the number of opportunities that the Eagles had to pull away from the Cardinals. Countless penalties and turnovers kept the Eagles from taking control of the game and despite all of that, the Eagles still had a chance to win at the end.

“Certainly there were opportunities,” Roseman said. “We can go through the game and what happened, but you got to also give a lot of credit to this team.”

Roseman praised his teams heart and determination. He gave the Eagles credit for the fact that with just over a minute to go they were able to take possession of the ball and go nearly 80 yards to win the game. The final play that culminated in Jordan Matthews catching a bomb from Foles in the end zone only to not be able to get his feet down summed up a lot of the emotions felt by the Eagles faithful that day. They were close, but not close enough.

“I’m proud of the guys for how they continued to battle.”

Credit is certainly due for working hard, but the question on everyone’s mind today is did the Eagles work smart.

A lot of decisions that were made somewhere down around the goal line are being second guessed today. The main point of contention is whether or not Chip Kelly should have tossed a red flag when Chris Polk was ruled short of the first down around the Cardinals’ one yard line.

Roseman touched on the play in question and what it looked like from his vantage point.

“I think we had the benefit of different angles in the box,” Roseman said of his view as compared to the coaches. “It was an easier perspective than what the coaches get and I don’t know specifically what they get.”

Roseman stopped short of putting the responsibility on any one individual in regards to the challenge flag not being thrown. The next decision analyzed was the 3rd and 1 running play that the Cardinals stuffed at the line of scrimmage. Why did Kelly choose to run out of the shotgun?

“Well when you look at it, the momentum that you get running out of shotgun you can think about the quarterback going under center and having to go back as opposed to handing off the ball and getting momentum there,” Roseman explained.

Roseman summed up his thoughts on the goal line decision making with the simple message that you can’t look back and wonder what could have been and that as a team the Eagles are moving forward.

Eagles offensive lineman Todd Herremans also joined The Howie Roseman Show to discuss the game.

Herremans talked about the bumps and bruises after the tough fought game and added that “you always hurt more after the losses. I’m a little more sore today.”

LISTEN: Todd Herremans on The Howie Roseman Show

Herremans expanded on the Polk play and went so far as to admit that he thought there may have been a possibility for a touchdown as opposed to just a first down.

“I was looking over and I saw the ball stretching over the goal line,” Herremans said. “I was wondering if it was possibly breaking the plane or not. The thought didn’t cross my mind to challenge it or anything because I was like ‘oh we’re just going to get it on the next play.'”

That didn’t happen for the Eagles and ultimately they walked away with just three points. Herremans admitted that he wonders what could have happened had they challenged, but all in all he summed it up by saying “I’m not mad about anything. We should have been able to push it in on third down.”

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