By Pat Loeb

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The City of Philadelphia will get $3½ million from red-light camera fines this year.

Streets commissioner Dave Perri says the city plans to use the money to upgrade its own traffic signal equipment so lights are better timed.  He says it will also try to reduce pedestrian accidents — by widening sidewalks at intersections, to shorten the crossing distance, and by raising crosswalks.

And, Perri says, his department wants to slow cars down with traffic circles. He says there are several intersections that are potential candidates.

“When we determine which projects are eligible for this funding, we look at various data, including crash history, pedestrian counts, traffic counts, proximity to transit stops, and public spaces,” he explained.

Perri says past projects include new pedestrian crossings along the notoriously dangerous Roosevelt Boulevard, which he believes have worked. He says Roosevelt Boulevard used to average 14 fatalities a year and it’s now down to six.