By Brad Segall

BRISTOL, Pa. (CBS) — The candidates running for Congress in the 8th District in Bucks County squared off today in a debate at the community college.

And while it wasn’t specifically asked about, the topic of Ebola came up.

Both incumbent congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (R) and his challenger Kevin Strouse (D) believe significant resources should be sent to West Africa to help battle the disease, but they differ on what we should be doing here at home.

Fitzpatrick supports a travel ban to protect Americans.

“I speak with health care and public health professionals, and this is their business, and they think a travel ban — temporary — is appropriate,” he said.

But Strouse says a travel ban is like sticking your head in the sand, and he blames some elected leaders and the news media for creating hysteria around the disease.

“If you want leadership on Ebola,” Strouse said, “you need calm, rational leadership.  Right now you have a less than one-in-a-hundred-million chance of getting Ebola.”

The two also debated topics ranging from Obamacare and government reform to how to deal with ISIL and terrorism, to how to grow the middle class.

There are two more debates scheduled before the November 4th elections.