By Brad Segall

WARMINSTER, Pa. (CBS) — There’s a new supermarket opening soon in Bucks County, but it’s not your traditional store.  It’s inside a local high school, and the customers will be teachers and students.

Seniors Alex Shapiro, Rachel Vickalitis, and Sarah Vickalitis have been working hard every day getting ready for the grand opening next Monday morning  of a “junior” Shop Rite store at William Tennent High School. They have been ordering products, stocking shelves, and learning the electronic checkout system.

With shelf space limited, the students have to be selective in the products they choose to sell.

“Well, we asked a lot of kids and the teachers because they are obviously our buyers,” says Shapiro, “and we just wanted to see what they felt. And we do have some restrictions on what we can sell, but everything we got I’m comfortable with.”

It’s all part of a partnership between the Centennial School District and Shop Rite to give students hands-on experience running a business.

Principal Dennis Best says their goal is for the students is to leave high school ready for college and a career:

“The more post-secondary experiences we can provide kids with before they’ve left the walls of William Tennent High School, the better. We want them to be productive adults right away.”

Joseph Cowhey, who owns the Shop Rite near the school, admits it’s a great for marketing tool but the project is driven by giving back.

“We have to get out in the community, earn the respect of the parents in the community, families in the community, and become more than just a place to do your grocery shopping,” he said.

At first the store will be open after school, but they hope to expand hours as it grows.  Any profits will be pumped right back into the program.