By Dom Giordano

By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Time Magazine’s cover this past week features Rand Paul and calls him “The Most Interesting Man in Politics.” For once, Time Magazine is on the money.

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Senator Paul is interesting because he’s a guy with a very nimble mind and a guy interested in ideas married to practical solutions. Ron Paul: His dad is interesting also, but Rand has enlarged and enhanced the libertarian portfolio tremendously.

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I’ve interviewed him eight times and talked with him in his office for a half hour and even though I don’t always agree with him, he sparks my thinking. He also sparks my hope for the Republican Party. He is doing exactly what I recommend. He is showing up and discussing ideas with African-American and Latino groups. He is reaching younger people by giving voice to their concerns over privacy and individual liberties.

I think ISIS has hurt him a bit and his stance that we have been excessive in having our troops in the Middle East. He has modified this stance, but he is in a weaker position on this than other Republican presidential candidates.

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After watching Mitt Romney implode in the 2012 general election, the thing that is most impressive about Rand is ability to confront issues and strategically change his positions when needed. Romney had little ability on his feet to confront the media. This is, in some ways, the most important asset a Republican can have.