6:00 The first Ebola patient in Dallas died yesterday.

6:08 Protesters in Spain rallied against before the dog of a nurse who contracted Ebola was euthanized.

6:18 Governor Tom Corbett debated his challenger Tom Wolf last night in Pittsburgh.

6:47 The money made by the NFL’s pink merchandise only goes to cancer awareness campaigns, not actual research.

6:51 Report: Tidal flooding will increase due to climate change.

7:00 California Congressman Duncan Hunter claims ISIS terrorists are entering the country over the southern border.

7:03 The Department of Homeland Security called Hunter’s statements “categorically false.”

7:25 NBC News tried to hire Jon Stewart to host Meet The Press.

8:18 Chris talks to Matt Paxton from the television show Hoarders.

8:40 A majority of Americans want flights from Ebola infected countries stopped until the virus is contained.