By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – If you want to modify or recondition a dog’s behavior, you need to understand what the dog receives from the behavior, how productive it has been in the past, and use that awareness to help in the training.

From my work, I see that you have to understand from the dog’s perspective and help to move forward from that vantage point.

Positive reinforcement, which is rewarding good behavior with either a treat, praise or affection or a combination of each, is the most effective approach for training dogs, rather than the older corrective approach.

Studies reveal that positive reinforcement not only works successfully overall, but effectively builds a positive relationship of bonding, trust and cooperation between the person and the dog.

When you introduce a new command or “task”, as I like to call it, it’s necessary to try to exercise the new technique in multiple settings to ensure that the dog will react positively in the midst of various distractions, but only after the dog has successful results in small intervals with no distractions.

This will set up the dog to succeed.

It’s extremely important to always be consistent and everyone in the household must comply as well.