By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Play Dusty for Me! Wait, isn’t it Play Misty for Me? Of course it is. But misty is the weather this morning, which makes it perfect to play dusty inside your house. Dust those tables, dust off the mops and the brooms. Spend some time working inside the house early on Saturday while it is misty outside (or even showery) so your dwelling is acceptably clean by noon time (however, no obsessive cleaning allowed on the weekend, it is a law) when the sun starts to reappear.

This afternoon you will be longing to be outside and with chores done, you can escape to a decent Saturday with no guilt.

Temperatures: Today: around 70 degrees. Tonight in the mid 40’s and sunny. Sunday: 62 degrees.

See how even the weather is cleaning out today?