By Charlotte Huffman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A Philadelphia woman says she was stalked, harassed and burglarized by the front desk attendant and security guard at her Center City apartment building.

“I can’t sleep at night. I had to consult a therapist. It’s tragic, absolutely tragic to have to live that way,” said Kendall Stephens.

Stephens lives at the Westbury Apartments on 15th and Spruce Streets in Philadelphia.

Leonard Burton, 51, was on duty working at the Westbury Apartments when police say surveillance video caught him burglarizing Stephens’ apartment on August 23rd.

Burton was hired by the Westbury which is owned by University City Housing Company.

He worked as a security guard manning the building’s front desk and had access to the keys to the Westbury’s apartments.

Prior to the burglary, Stephens said Burton often stalked and harassed her when she passed by him in the lobby of the Westbury.

“He would make sexual innuendos to me … He said, ‘I don’t care what it takes, I want you,’” said Stephens.

Earlier this summer, Stephens says Burton entered her apartment unannounced and saw her in the nude.

“He’s right there in my doorway in my kitchen. I’m like ‘get out, get out now!’ … He had no reason to be up here. He is not maintenance,” she said.

Worried Burton would enter her apartment uninvited again; Stephens installed a hidden camera and made sure her door was locked before leaving on vacation.

During her week-long trip to the Cayman Islands, police say the surveillance video caught Burton inside Stephens’ apartment – news she did not learn until arriving home.

“My apartment was ransacked. All my money is gone … underwear is missing. I couldn’t believe it. He went through every drawer. He left no stone unturned in my apartment and he had plenty of time to do it,” she said.

The surveillance video shows Burton was inside her apartment for approximately 12 minutes.

Stephens filed a police report claiming Burton stole numerous items worth $7,800 dollars.

Philadelphia police issued a warrant for Burton’s arrest on charges including burglary, theft and criminal trespass.

(credit: Philadelphia Police Department)

(credit: Philadelphia Police Department)


His last known address was 2506 Jackson Street in South Philadelphia.

The I-Team traced Burton to six addresses across Philadelphia but did not find him.

Police have not yet located him either.

“There are thousands of warrants in our system so it is not quite that easy to locate individuals especially if they have any indication that they’re wanted,” said Lt. John Stanford, Philadelphia Police Department.

Burton has been fired from his job but Stephens is still worried.

“He’s out there. He’s on the loose,” she said.

Stephens is concerned for her safety and for the safety of the other residents living at the Westbury because Burton had access to keys which were kept at the front desk.

“It was an agent of their employ that was entrusted with my safety and had access to keys to the front door and everyone’s apartment. Who is to say that (Burton) didn’t make copies of these keys?”

While Stephen’s apartment door lock has been changed, she says Westbury management and University City Housing’s regional manager, Alexis Labresco have failed to act on her requests to secure the building.

Stephens says she has asked management multiple times to change the locks to the building’s front door, notify residents of the incident and change the locks to other apartments, but more than a month after the burglary management has not acted.

“It was told to me by (Labresco) that they were going to change every lock in the building but that has yet to be done … That’s shocking to me. Residents should be on notice that someone who worked with us, that (the company) hired, burglarized a tenant while on duty … That hasn’t been done.”

When the I-Team asked manager, Tim Brickner about the issue he refused to answer questions and said “you’ll have to schedule a time.”

The I-Team contacted Brickner via e-mail to request schedule an appointment but he deferred to Labresco who denied interview requests.

Labresco promised to answer CBS3’s questions via e-mail.

Labresco and University City Housing have not responded to the questions submitted on September 25th about what management is doing to protect residents.

“I am extremely paranoid, extremely paranoid. I’m looking over my shoulder. He could be hiding in plain sight and I don’t even know where he is at any given time so that is what is scary,” said Stephens.

Police are asking for the public’s help locating Burton. If you know his whereabouts you’re encouraged to call 9-1-1.

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