By Paul Kurtz

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Democratic candidate Tom Wolf traveled to Philadelphia today, courting the Latino vote in his race against the Republican incumbent, Pennsylvania governor Tom Corbett.

Wolf’s visit to a popular lounge in Hunting Park was billed as a “Latinos for Wolf” kickoff rally, and it coincided with National Voter Registration Day.

Getting out the vote was the centerpiece of Wolf’s brief speech to a crowd of several dozen supporters.

“I know the polls have me way ahead,” he said, “but that’s gonna lead to some complacency.  And it might mean that when we get to November 4th, the election is not going to go the way I certainly want it to go and the way I think you ought to want it to go.  I’m not going to win if we’re complacent. So we need to get out the vote. I need your support.”

Wolf later traveled to Reading, Pa. for another Latino rally, and he says there will be more to come between now and Election Day.

Latinos are the fastest growing population group in Pennsylvania.