By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — As ride-sharing services prepare to launch in Philadelphia, it appears that pressure from taxicab owners will mean rides within the city of Philadelphia may be exempted from legislation currently being debated in the state capitol.

A bill that would create a regulatory structure for ride-share services (such as Uber and Lyft) was scheduled for a state House committee vote today but was pulled from the agenda.

Rep. Robert Godshall (R-Montgomery County), chairman of the House Consumer Affairs Committee, says right now there is no consensus on legislation.

“By far the biggest issue is insurance,” he notes.

And the sponsor of the bill, fellow Republican John Maher, says the measure is likely to be amended to allow the Philadelphia Parking Authority to maintain jurisdiction in the city.

“Any rides that begin and end in Philadelphia through ride-sharing applications would not be permitted at this time,” Maher tells KYW Newsradio.

He says he’d be satisfied to get legislation now for the rest of the state and deal with Philadelphia later.