PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The public perception of Roger Goodell was pretty bad before his press conference on Friday, breaking nine days of silence. Reaction following today’s address seems to confirm that that has not improved.

“It was a lot of grand-standing, and really, a lot of nothing,” said 94WIP Afternoon Show host Anthony Gargano. “In one breath he was hiding behind due process. It was a lot of dancing, a lot of nothing.”

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“He started it off with the acknowledgment of the mistake, but it was a lot of Andy Reid, ‘I got to do a better job,'” said 94WIP Afternoon Show host Rob Ellis. “There was a lot of things you take out of that thing and I thought one of them that was interesting was, he was pressed on Ray Rice a coupe different times and repeated over and over again that the statement he [Rice] gave me [Goodell] wasn’t consistent with the video we witnessed later.”

“It’s just clear he’s going to stick to his story,” Ellis said.

Gargano and Ellis then took calls.

“I don’t understand how somebody with that little integrity is in the position that he is,” said the first caller after the press conference. “The guy is simply delusional.”

The next caller, however, defended Goodell.

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“I don’t believe any of the league are prepared to deal with this,” said the second caller. “You’re right it will be a wake up call, but my point is, they’re not prepared just like the NFL isn’t prepared for this. This thing that is happening right now, it’s just kind of like the tip of the iceberg. This is where the law has got to say this is unacceptable, just like they did with Aaron Hernandez.”

“This is about, are these players fit to rep your brand, your shield, which is the NFL,” Gargano argued. “The league and the team itself has to determine whether or not it wants that player to represent it.”

Listen to the audio below:


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