By Justin Udo

SPRINGFIELD, DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — Keeping teens away from drugs, alcohol, and activities detrimental to their growth — such as crime and bullying — was the goal of a conference being held today by Delaware County officials.

The event took an in-depth look at many of the challenges school-age youngsters face.

The summit reviewed data from the 2013 Pennsylvania Youth Survey, which looks at drug and alcohol abuse in students between grades 6 and 12.

“We are seeing decreases in use among our youth here in Delaware county,” noted Delaware County executive director Mari Anne Grace.
But county district attorney Jack Whalen said this summit was not about just looking at a job well done, it’s also about looking at the next step.

“It’s about taking the message from here and letting the kids know the problems associated with the Internet, with bullying, with drugs including opioids as well as marijuana,” he said.

Delaware County officials say that over the last few years, marijuana, tobacco, and heroin use are all down among the youth in the county.