By Tony Hanson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A Philadelphia Police Department forensic scientist says DNA linked defendant Christina Regusters to clothing worn by a five-year-old kidnap victim when she was found abandoned on a playground in January of last year.

The young victim was found by a passerby. She was shivering, wearing nothing but a T-shirt.

Forensic scientist Brian Pfleegor has testified samples of the shirt were tested and DNA from Regusters, the victim and the good samaritan were found on the shirt.

The defense contends the DNA could have gotten there countless ways and the expert testified DNA can remain for weeks, months, even years.

Defense attorney Fred Harrsion, Jr. also emphasized through questioning that none of the victim’s DNA was found anywhere in the house, the bedroom or under the bed where authorities allege she was held and sexually assaulted — an attack that caused horrific injuries.

Regusters has pleaded not guilty.

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