By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — With the increased acceptance of gay and lesbian relationships and marriage, is the end in sight for gay bathhouses across the country?

With more acceptance of same sex relationships, the need for bathhouses seems to be declining. So to increase foot traffic, updates are necessary. Aaron Moore manages the Sansom Street Gym.

“We’ve redone a few or our bathrooms, upgraded the showers, we’ve upgraded the technology in the building, we have WiFi.”

Ted Martin of Pennsylvania Equality says, however, there is still discrimination and some is protected by law in Pennsylvania. So don’t look for bathhouses to disappear anytime soon.

“I still refuse to say it’s never going to happen, so perhaps less and less as the world changes and people become more integrated into society. But I still think there’ll probably be some need.”

Across the country, bathhouses are adding amenities like marble baths, hotel rooms and even nightclubs to attract more customers.

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