By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – A new Franklin and Marshall College Poll shows Governor Corbett has failed to close the massive gap between him and Democratic challenger Tom Wolf.

Franklin and Marshall College Poll Director Terry Madonna says it’s not his place to declare a campaign “over” but…

“Let me put it this way: Governor Corbett faces a daunting challenge, the likes of which no incumbent governor seeking re-election in Pennsylvania history has faced,” Madonna said. “And the problems are enormous, and the potential for change not great. But you should never say ‘never’ in politics.”

That caveat notwithstanding, the F&M Poll shows Democratic challenger Tom Wolf heading into the fall campaign with a 25-percentage-point lead over incumbent Republican Corbett — 49-percent to 24-percent — with a fourth of voters undecided.

Not only has Corbett failed to close the gap, he’s actually fallen back a few points since the last F&M survey about two months ago.

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