By Kim Glovas

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A local veterans’ organization is filing a lawsuit in federal court, demanding that the city appoint a director of veterans affairs for the County of Philadelphia.

Pointman Soldier’s Heart Ministry has been around for five years. Ari Merretazon, first vice president of the organization, says the city  has not had a director of veterans affairs for 59 years.

The defendants in the suit include City Council president Darrell Clarke. Clarke’s office says it revived the Veterans Advisory Commission and named Scott Brown as director.

Merretazon responds:

“They have appointed a director of the Veterans Advisory Commission according to a resolution.  And try to tell us that’s according to state law.  That’s the scam, that’s the coverup,” he said.

He says the city and its veterans have missed out on millions of dollars as a result.


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