By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A sluggish system will help dictate the forecast in the Delaware Valley the next few days. Today, August 21, features a variety pack of sun, clouds, and eventually scattered late day showers and thunderstorms. With more moisture to draw upon (courtesy of a southeasterly wind flow) plus the slow movement of the storm, some of us could get doused.

Best time to have the rain gear ready Thursday: nighttime. The indication is for a stronger storm cell to roll through at that time, so it’s possible the Eagles game gets a burst of rain at some point. In addition, there may be stronger wind gusts within any more potent storm regardless of location.

Friday features lingering showers and clouds, and I can’t rule out additional showers Saturday. However, the gradual trend will favor nicer weather with every passing day, not to mention a warm up as high pressure regains control. That means the early part of next week will be something to look forward to if you prefer pleasant, quiet weather!

A quick note on the tropics: we’re watching an area of showers and storms located east of the Windward Islands in the Atlantic. It has a decent shot to become at minimum a tropical depression (possibly a named storm, Cristobal is next up). Over the next few days, the cluster of “disturbed weather” will migrate into an environment more conducive for development with lighter wind shear, warmer water, and an air mass more rich in moisture. We’ll keep an eye on it for you!


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