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By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Trimming your dog’s claws can sometimes present a challenge.

Most dogs don’t like having their claws trimmed. The best time to start is when your dog is a puppy. Make it a positive experience for him/her with treats and praise. Keep a positive attitude and reward his patience and appropriate behavior. If he or she doesn’t sit still, do not punish, simply stop and try again another time.

Before attempting it on your own for the first time, always consult you’re vet, vet tech or a professional groomer who can advise you on the proper technique to avoid any mishaps and, most importantly, any negative experience for your dog. The negative experience could be much harder to overcome for the next time around.

If you do attempt it, always be aware not to trim too close to the quick. The quick is the area which contains the blood vessels and nerves to the claw. Lighter colored claws are easier to trim than the dark colored claws because the quick is much easier to see. Trim dark colored claws much more carefully.

And remember, your dog’s overall experience and his/her reaction to it, will reflect how he or she perceives it again in the future. To make things easier and safer, have them trimmed professionally by your vet or groomer.

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