By Tony Hanson


PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The prosecution has disclosed new allegations today in the case against a 21-year-old woman charged with abducting a five-year-old girl from school and sexually assaulting her.

Today, opening statements in the case were delayed until Monday because of juror issues.

The new revelations came this morning during arguments on pretrial motions.   Prosecutor Erin O’Brien says authorities searching the defendant’s computer after the crime found that someone had conducted Internet searches on what evidence can be recovered after a rape, the destruction of DNA evidence after a rape, and how to beat a so-called rape kit test.

O’Brien also disclosed a recently revealed allegation that defendant Christina Regusters sexually assaulted a minor relative, about 7 or 8 years old, a few years ago.  The judge has ruled that evidence will be allowed at Regusters’ trial.

But he ruled inadmissible, at least for now, alleged evidence of computer searches of cartoons depicting the sexual assault and torture of children.

Prosecutors say the graphic computer searches counter potential defense arguments that men were involved in the violent sexual attack on the five-year-old girl in January 2013.

According to police investigators, Regusters donned a Muslim garment and veil to pose as the girl’s mother and take her from school.  Prosecutors say Regusters had also done computer searches about Muslim garb.

Regusters has pleaded not guilty.  There’s a gag order on the case, so the attorneys could not comment afterward on the evidence or the rulings.