6:00 President Obama addressed the killing of journalist James Foley by ISIL.

6:02 What happens to your online life after you die?

6:21 The Taney Dragons fell to Las Vegas last night in the Little League World Series.

6:51 A woman’s statue of President Obama was stolen, sending her into a panic attack.

6:51 A building in Willingboro was renamed after President Obama.

7:03 The Daily Mail covered the anger online after President Obama played following his statement about James Foley.

7:04 Attorney General Eric Holder visited Ferguson Missouri.

7:19 New Jersey Governor Chris Christie argued with a woman about his use of Bruce Springsteen songs.

7:22 Missouri Governor Jay Nixon called for the prosecution of the police officer that shot Michael Brown.

7:28 A group of Philadelphia clergy traveled to Ferguson to participate in the rallies.

7:54 Rich Lowry: Against the Ferguson Mob.

8:01 Chris hosts another round of Stigall on the Mall.

8:29 Peter Wehner: Obama is wired all the wrong way.