By Hadas Kuznits

By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Could America be turning into a cashless society?

Folks tell KYW Newsradio when it comes to their purchases, they’re using less green and more plastic:

“I mostly spend credit.”

“I don’t carry cash at all, I always sue my debit card.”

“I don’t carry cash on me.”

So why the switch from cash to credit?

“I don’t know, I guess probably because it’s easier to carry around.”

“Well, maybe you can get robbed.”

“Like change, you don’t have to jingle it in your pockets and your purse isn’t as heavy.”

This woman says while she’s not a fan of a cashless society, she accepts that many want to pay using credit:

“That hurts us as business owners every time because we get charged for every transaction but it’s the way of the world and if we don’t use it then we don’t make that money.”

Many people seem to agree, they’ve especially noticed the younger generation using less and less cash over the years:

“Yes, eventually I see it — I think my children everything is going to be debit cards and they’re gonna be like, ‘mom, can you put money on my card?’ Not, ‘mommy can I have money?’ (laughs) they’re gonna say, mommy can you put it on my debit card — they’re not even gonna call you anymore!  They’re gonna text you!”


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