By Stan “The Grand Imperial Poobah” Hochman

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — (Editor’s Note) Stan Hochman, a Daily News sports columnist for 55 years, has been appearing on 94WIP’s morning show for over a year now, settling disputes (and starting new ones) as the “Grand Imperial Poobah.” He brings that persona to on Tuesdays and Thursdays and we welcome input on which issues you want the Poobah to take a good, hard look at. Send requests and ideas for The Poobah to 

Without further ado, here’s The Poobah.

Phil E. Phan: That Taney Little League team has captivated the Delaware Valley. Does the Poobah think the Dragons can win the championship?



Poobah: Is a bluebird blue? The Poobah has been a Taney fan longer than Mo’ne Davis’s braids. They work hard, they play hard, they are well coached, they are passionately supported, and they play the game the right way, except for the occasional teenage brain cramp when the center fielder bunts with the bases loaded. (He then belts a long sacrifice fly on the next pitch and all is forgiven.)

How much does the Poobah love Taney’s team? Let him count the ways. They are diverse racially. Their best pitcher is a poised, competent GIRL. The kids go to tough, demanding schools. The parents represent the whole economic spectrum, while sharing one unifying characteristic: they care deeply about their kids and encourage them to follow their dreams. It is beautiful to watch, a glimpse at what society could be like, should be like. And yes, these kids are having fun playing a game they love and respect.

If Mo’ne can silence those big Las Vegas bats tomorrow, yep, they can win it all.


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