By Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The chairman of the Liquor Control Board is tamping down speculation that the LCB is poised to take action that could raise booze prices in Pennsylvania.

It all started with word that a leaked memo written by the LCB’s finance director mentioned the possibility of raising the agency’s mark-up on bottles of wine and liquor — from 30-percent, where it’s been set for two decades — to 35-percent. But LCB Chairman Skip Brion says it was just a suggestion in an annual assessment of the LCB’s anticipated sales and profits. And he says it is something that would only be considered as a “last resort.”

“The board has not put it on the agenda to discuss in a public meeting. The board has not voted on it. And obviously, something can come up that would change somebody’s mind. At this point in time, I can tell you I’m not in favor of it.”

The bottom line, Brion says, is that the proposal is just a suggestion that is not under active consideration.

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