By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Dear Old Mom. Wow, she can look just terrific when she puts a sunny smile on her face. Why, we hardly even notice the wrinkles when she isn’t scowling or shedding rainy teardrops.

This weekend the Old Gal seems to be in party mode or maybe she just wants to see everyone in modest swim suits and immodest Speedos. She has a sense of humor, you know, and an appreciation for the outfits she forces us to wear. And as much as she likes to keep us guessing about her mood and how that translates to the forecast, all the dry powder and rouge she has caked on her face today means the ancient creature looks as good as she did a few million years ago.

Ms. Nature (as she prefers to be called nowadays) might get a little dewy eyed overnight and could feel a slight mood change tomorrow with a few cloudy frowns but limited crying. When Mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.