PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Imagine being a perfectly healthy, fun-loving little boy, when all of the sudden something drastically changes.

That is what happened to four-year-old Shane. Earlier this summer, Shane started showing symptoms of Bell’s Palsy (partial face paralysis.) Then a few weeks later, new symptoms started to appear and Shane began to suffer from dizziness and loss of balance.

Shane’s mom Stella reached out to a neurologist to get some answers about Shane’s odd behavior and the doctor decided to take an MRI.

On Monday, June 23, Stella received the news that is every mother’s nightmare.

The doctors found an inoperable brain tumor and diagnosed Shane with Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma (DIPG) which is rare form of brain cancer that only affects children. DIPG also happens to be the cancer most resistant to chemotherapy.

Statistics say less than 10 percent of those diagnosed make it past 18 months and there are no known survivors.

Shane’s aunt, Jennifer, says though his prognosis keeps changing, he will likely have a 6-15 month timeframe with the recommended treatment of radiation, clinical trials and medication.

Shane’s family decided to create a Facebook page, The Shane Campaign, to provide updates about his condition and his journey battling DIPG. The family has also created a fundraising page to help alleviate the costs of a possible clinic trial, which can only come after radiation, travel costs for the clinical trials, his medications and hospital costs that are not covered by insurance.

A 5K/10K Walk and Race this Sunday at Wissahickon Park is being dedicated to Shane. All of the funds raised from The Run/Walk for Shane will be donated to Shane and his family, after expenses.

If you wish to donate to Shane’s fight against DIPG, click here.

(credit: The Shane Campaign)

(credit: The Shane Campaign)