By Bill Wine

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — The turtles are back in the galaxy, which means the guardians are back in the pack.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the new remake of the action-adventure kidflick, earned an estimated $65-million over the weekend and claimed first place, replacing last weekend’s leader.

That would be the comedic sci-fi thriller, Guardians of the Galaxy, which set an August record last weekend with its $94-million opening, reversing the recent box-office slump in a big way. It took in $42-million in its second weekend.

The three other new attractions also finished in the top six:

Third was the catastrophic-weather thriller, Into the Storm, with $18-million.

Fourth was the culture clash comedy-drama starring Helen Mirren, The 100-Foot Journey, which debuted with $11-million.

And the dance sequel, Step Up: All In, totaled $7-million, good for a sixth-place finish.

With the top two titles combining for over $100-million, industry-wide totals were strong compared to last year for the second weekend in a row.

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