By Geoff Bansen

Welcome Back the Weekend With a Little Poetic Justice

What a very nice day today,
To get outside and play.
Beach, pool, golf, whatever;
The weather could not be better!
There’ll be plenty of sunshine to spare,
But that UV is high, so beware!
Sunscreen’s always ideal,
So your skin won’t burn and peel.
Warm temperatures, low humidity,
I mean this with all sincerity.
The weekend looks nice as well,
So enjoy this mini dry spell.
For some showers return next week,
But for now, of none to speak!

In Hawaii they’re bracing for Iselle,
Our friends there, we wish them all well.
Heavy rain and wind we fear,
For the first time there in many a year.

Don’t forget to look to the sky
On Sunday, and here’s why:
The supermoon will shine bright
When you step outside that night.
And if you’re far enough from light,
See some of the Perseid meteors you might!

Monday’s just around the bend,
So please do enjoy your weekend!

Today’s Highs (they’re on the rise!):
Philly – 85
Shore – 79
Poconos – 76

Today in Weather History
1916 – There was a tropical storm, in the Bahamas is where it did form. It moved northward via the sea, and the remnants impacted Philly. Heavy rain fell on this day, 1.44″ our records say.

1981 – Heavy rain caused considerable flooding this day, especially in DelCo. and Philadelphia, PA.
4.4″ was the total accord, setting a daily precipitation record!

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