By Hadas Kuznits

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Night Market comes to 35th and Lancaster Avenue, in West Philadelphia, on Thursday, August 14th.

“The last time we were in West Philly, we were in a parking lot,” says project coordinator Meghan Walsh (top photo),  “and since then we realized that we would rather have (the vendors) on a commercial corridor.  So now we’re on Lancaster, which has a number of restaurants, community centers, art centers, and we’re hoping that this one is really gonna spotlight this area.”

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Opening Monday, August 11th, is Dizengoff, an Israeli “hummusiya” at 1625 Sansom Street, where Emily Seaman (below) is co-chef.

(Emily Seaman, co-chef at Dizengoff, 1625 Sansom Street.  Photo provided)

(Emily Seaman, co-chef at Dizengoff, 1625 Sansom Street. Photo provided)


(Kuznits:)  “What’s the secret to a fabulous hummus?”

(Seaman:)  “The secret is good quality tahini (sesame seed spread), which we use.  The second key, which is our secret — you have to cook the chickpeas until they’re completely obliterated.  Just like they don’t even look like chickpeas anymore.  And then you have a nice, creamy, smooth hummus.  And you have to use a lot of salt, and you have to use a lot of lemon juice.”

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Meanwhile, Chet Dagit, founder and managing director of RTP Holdings, will soon be auctioning off chef’s dinners and wine tastings on Indiegogo to raise money for his “Lokita Solutions” app, to help you shop for groceries better.

“You would download the list to your phone or tablet app, and it would optimize the route for your products in the store based on what’s the quickest way to get from aisle to aisle and get what you need,” he says.

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