By Chris Stigall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Chris Stigall criticized School Reform Commission Superintendent William Hite and Mayor Nutter for not being satisfied with Governor Corbett’s decision to extend money to Philadelphia schools to ensure they open on time next month for the beginning of the school year.

Stigall believes the SRC has escaped their fair share of the blame for the funding crisis.

“When is it your problem, Philadelphia public school system? When is it on you, Dr. Hite? When is it your fault? When is enough money enough money? Can anyone answer that question? It’s never enough money. There’s always a budget gap and there is never a discussion as to why. It’s just handout, raise taxes, give us more or else. ‘Or else the kids won’t be safe, or else we won’t open our doors, or else we’ll have to fire people, or else some threat every year.’ You can set your watch to it. We’re going to be treated to it every year. Philadelphia public schools with their hands out and it’s everyone else’s problem.”

He stated that Governor Corbett will always be portrayed negatively by opponents who want to defeat him in November.

“Corbett is trying to take this issue off the table. It’s not going to go away because this is their card to play. ‘Tom Corbett hates the kids. If only Tom Corbett would raise taxes on cigarettes. If only Tom Corbett would raise taxes on Marcellus Shale. Corbett refuses to tax things we don’t like so we’re not going to open our doors or our kids won’t be safe because Corbett won’t tax the mean, old cigarette smokers or Corbett won’t tax the mean, old shale gas drillers.’ Same old, tired song.”

Stigall thinks the SRC will never have enough money or adequately assess how they are running the city’s schools.

“It’s never about, how are we spending the money? Is this too much money? Can we do with less? It’s never about that. The only thing they think, they’re hard wired and programmed to think only, where is our permanent funding source? That’s the fundamental difference between leftists and the rest of us. ‘Where’s my money? Where’s the funding source? Where’s the teat from which I can suckle today? Who’s going to open their wallet for me?’”


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