By Jim Donovan

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Your roof keeps you sheltered from the elements, but it’s one of the most expensive items on your home to replace.  3 On Your Side Consumer Reporter Jim Donovan shows us why it’s so important to shop around before signing on the dotted line.

Whether you live in a row house or single family, and it’s due to damage or just old age, the price to replace a roof can be all over the map!

Rita Klecky signed a $21,000 contract after a roofer knocked on her door and told her that her roof was going to fall on her head!  Rita says, “I think most people shop around but we really panicked.”

“We found prices ranging from $5,400 to over $20,000 for the same roof for the same work,” says Kevin Brasler, Executive Editor of Delaware Valley Consumers’ Checkbook.  Brasler says high pressure sales tactics aren’t uncommon with roofing companies.  He says, “By getting multiple bids you really increase your chances of getting a low price, of saving thousands and thousands of dollars.

Rita thought the price on her contract was high.  She says, “Everybody said to me, this is crazy.  So one of my friends said, you better call Jim Donovan.”  3 On Your Side recommended that Rita cancel the contract while she still had the chance.

The roofing company then came back to her with a lower price, sort of.  Rita says, “The price went from $21,175 down to $14,003.  So I said to him, ‘you know what I would like to get a few more estimates’, I said ‘now will you honor this price if I call you back?  He said, no, at this point it would be $26,000.”

Instead, Rita hired Kanga Roof,  part of A. Brooks Construction in Levittown.  Sal Caimano, a company marketing representative says, “You live and die by your reputation.”  Consumers’ Checkbook readers have given A. Brooks Construction top marks for quality.  Caimano says, “We really do strive for you know good grades across the board.”

Rita now has her new roof and has saved thousands of dollars.  Making it a 3 On Your Side Problem Solved.

By the way, you have three days to cancel any home improvement contract when that contract is signed in your home.  If you’re looking to replace your roof, get at least three estimates.

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