By Nan Talleno

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Having more than one dog can be very beneficial for you and your dog.

Dogs, like people, are social creatures and genuinely enjoy each other’s company. There are so many reasons why having multiple dogs can be beneficial in training. But first it’s important to know that you must be consistent, loving, patient and diligent in promoting calm, gentle leadership skills so that the pack order isn’t shifted.

This is important to know even in a one dog household and certainly for multiple dogs to help them feel stable and balanced.

Dogs have a natural inclination to mirror each other’s energy, posture and behavior. Knowing this, it’s best to encourage positive behavior on the outset. Working with canines every day, I see this happening all the time.

Work with the strongest energy dog first (and that isn’t always the largest or the oldest!), then all together. Spend time with your pack by setting up daily tasks for them to do in the form of “Sit,” “Stay,” “Look” and “Come.” Have them learn and practice together to promote patience, fair play and bonding. Practice special learning games such as Search and Find and Agility. Offer toys with challenges to occupy their mental abilities. And, certainly walk them together to unify the pack.