By Dom Giordano

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Dom Giordano talked with Garry Cobb, who is running for the Congressional seat in New Jersey’s first district against State Senator Donald Norcross.

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The former Eagles linebacker stated he is anxious to go one on one with Norcross at a debate.

“We want some debates. We want to let people see him and compare him to me. We want to be able to get out in front of everybody and let everybody see where we are coming from. They’re going to see that I believe in people getting a chance to compete economically in a fair situation.”

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Cobb also criticized his opponent for an upcoming fundraiser he will be holding with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada on August 4.

“You’ve got people like Harry Reid, Donald Norcross, George Norcross, the Norcross family, they get involved with government money. It’s not just clear economics where you’ve got people out competing, they use the government to get involved and use that to benefit themselves financially. It’s ironic that we’re right down the street from Camden, one of the poorest communities in the whole nation, and you’re going to have a $2,600 a plate meal down the street.”

He went on to attack Democrats for creating a welfare state that he says leaves the poorest Americans with nowhere to go.

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“The thing that’s going on with the Norcrosses and other people is government, who are just lying to the people to get them dependent and rather than the system being a way to take care of people and give them opportunity, it just traps them in poverty. A lot of these programs where you just give people things, you erode their work ethic and when you erode a person’s work ethic you trap them in poverty.”