By Katie Fehlinger

By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — We haven’t heard much out of the tropics since early July, when Hurricane Arthur threw a wrench in many people’s Independence holiday plans. But after a few weeks of quiet weather in the Atlantic Basin, we’re starting to see some signs of life. An area of showers and thunderstorms over 1,000 miles east of the Windward Islands has the potential to develop into at least a tropical depression, possibly a named storm later this week (the next name on the list is Bertha).

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Two things are working with this system to enable its growth. First, it’s moving over warm water, which will help maintain a warm core necessary for further development. Second, there’s limited wind shear. Wind shear, or wind direction that changes as you go up in the atmosphere, would help tear the tops off any tropical system that would try to develop. We’ll continue to monitor the system’s path, but as of now it does NOT appear it would directly impact the U.S. coastline.

Bringing it back stateside, it’s a taste of September out there Tuesday! A combo of low humidity, sunshine and below average temperatures may make you want to set up a football tailgate. We should just crack the 80 degree mark in Philadelphia, but we won’t come close in many of the typically cooler suburbs surrounding the city.

Wednesday moderates somewhat on the thermometer, but it still looks really nice! The next noteworthy change comes as early as Thursday with a renewed potential for scattered showers or thunderstorms. This comes courtesy of a nearby stationary front that tries to nudge back our way.

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