By Katie Fehlinger

By Katie Fehlinger

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Raise your hand if the storms woke you up last night!

Despite potentially needing an extra large cup of coffee following a raucous night of storms, we can thankfully report our latest severe weather threat is now over. However, there’s a significant pattern change underway! With yet another potent trough digging into the Delaware Valley, a much cooler – and drier – air mass takes over.

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You’ll likely notice the wind kicking in more than anything today. Sustained winds peaking as high as 20 mph could send your trash can flying down the street! That breeze comes courtesy of Mother Nature’s wind tunnel, essentially the gradient that sets up as we transition from low to high pressure. In addition, some spots will still pick up a residual late day shower or rumble of thunder.

By tomorrow, temperatures take a hit with highs just barely hitting 80 in Philadelphia! (For perspective, we’d typically see the thermometer hit 80 degrees in mid-September.) The mercury will moderate somewhat midweek with highs in the mid 80’s, but with high pressure generally keeping control, our pattern stays pretty quiet overall. At this point, there’s just a slim chance that some of us pick up a quick shower or thunderstorm near week’s end.

Enjoy the break!