By Carol Erickson

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Come on, Weather. This isn’t fair, dealing with your issues!

It’s the weekend – we need to kick back and count on something relaxing! Instead, we have to monitor your moods every 20 minutes, and the mood is always different. Sun and clouds and showers and thunderstorms, heat and humidity and then another round of sun and clouds and showers and….oh, we Earthlings get the picture. After all, we live in the in Weather’s topsy turvey household.

Well, call us ungrateful, but enough is enough. Make up your mind. Attention, trouble-making Cold Front and hear this: get your act together and either arrive here on schedule and create fireworks at a time we can count on, or go somewhere else and leave us alone.

Instead, Mr. Front inches along, getting slower and slower in its trek east, probably just to prolong when we have to deal with the chances of Storms. By Monday, it’s possible Mr. Front’s blue line still won’t have cleared the area, so we get another day of watching the weather closely.

Well, Weather, we get the last laugh by Tuesday as your moodiness smoothes out. You stay calm, we stay calm. Why can’t we always get along like this?